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BattleBlock Theater

2013-04-08 02:52:23 by redenvy

This game is absolutely so much fun! I really enjoy the game play and especially the online play. Too bad Spring Break is over and I have to go back to school tomorrow. At least I will be graduating this May 2013 with my BS in Chemistry. Then I can just work and then play video games when I go home! :b

Dr. Fetus Shirt ...

2013-03-14 17:31:05 by redenvy

Just arrived. :)

New Appliances

2010-01-09 20:30:55 by redenvy

I got a new washer and dryer. In addition I also got new classes for the upcoming semester and some drawings I will be posting. Eventually!


2009-09-15 22:17:32 by redenvy

Feed your Brains the lovely milk of knowledge. It is good for you sometimes. :)

Yay Comic Con!

2009-07-04 21:51:21 by redenvy

Living in San Diego has serious benefits- the weather, beach, schools... but there is one huge benefit! Comic Con which shall be as exciting as ever this year. Can't wait to go, I have a all weekend pass. :) I am stoked for the craziness that is about to ensue. Hope everyone else that goes has fun. However, I wanted to know if anyone wants to comment if there is going to be a Newgrounds booth?

So sad, Micheal Jackson, at age 50 has been reported dead by LA Times due to a Cardiac Arrest. He was a huge humanitarian and a fantastic musician. He has impacted the world with his music so many he rest in peace. If only he knew how many people loved his music and appreciated his existence. Rest in Peace. A true Renaissance man.

Also Charlies Angles Farrah Fawcett has passed away at the age of 62 today against battling cancer. For those who have seen her documentary, it is truly sad and a touching story. A true warrior. May these two great souls rest in peace. pwDE


2008-06-22 01:29:10 by redenvy

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First off go visit my thread in the art forum, Artness and leave a comment if you will. Plus I just finished a new picture thus far. Yay me, god I'm so lame so I hope you enjoy. <3

Also my friend sent me a link of this guy on Youtube and he was freaking amazing. Ronald Jenkees- he's amazing! His voice sounds funny, but oh my god, his music is to like die for. I fell in love with it immediately, such talent. Geez it makes me wish I wasn't such a lazy bum sometimes, because I have so much potential but I don't always exert the effort needed to get better. Oh wellz.

So I hope you enjoy both the embedded video and the picture :b



2008-06-19 19:01:13 by redenvy

Man it's so freaking hot out here. xD I shouldn't be complaining since we don't get any humidity. Yay for San Diego!!! Anyways yeah, been drawing. It's cool. Been playing mah sport. It's fun. Nothing else really to say... so yeah.

Here is one of my favorite pictures that I have drawn so far. :3 It's in my thread that no one cares about! Artness Yeah...

Enjoy the picture punks! <3



2008-05-16 22:04:50 by redenvy

I am making a new post. Because I CAN!!! Heh. Anyways- I really have nothing to say other than if you are bored you can share the love at my thread :3 called ARTNESS <3. Most likely to feature unfinished work and the mega love for my original dragon-prototype race : Xerburs <3

Have fun and Enjoy. Plus don't fall down stairs that would hurt.


2008-02-17 18:02:44 by redenvy

I know that really no one reads these posts, but I am deciding to do the Heavy Metal Art Contest. I think I am capable of producing some wicked work :D! However, I was speculating on if I won or whatever would I get the money at least XP! I am starting on it.... NOW!